The Klarälvdalen Challenge offers paddlers the oppertunity to test themselves over a substantial section of this great river....


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Klarälvdalen Challenge 2018, Lördag 1 September

Cancelled due to extremely low water levels!

Unfortunately we have been forced to cancel the 2018 Klarälvdalens Challenge. 

This tough decision has been made due to the extremely low water which we feel will make it very difficult to complete the race course within the 12 hour time limit.

The level is at 25% of what we would normally expect.

It's with great sadness that this decision has been made, we were looking forward to our 5th event. But, we will be back in 2019 and hope that we can welcome you all once more.


All registration payments will be refunded.


If you have any questions, contact:


Tel no:  072-571 43 94 Christine Competition Chief or      070-642 87 20 Christian Safety Officer



Klarälven is one of Sweden’s classic paddling rivers, running through beautiful countryside in the north of Värmland. The Klarälvdalen Challenge offers paddlers the opportunity to test themselves over a substantial section of this great river.

At normal water levels, Klarälven flows at around 2 – 2.5kms/hour and the Challenge course goes with the flow.

There are no natural obstacles in the river but to ensure paddlers safety and reduce the risk of injury, 3 compulsory check points are included. Paddlers must get out their canoe or kayak to check in approximately 100 meters from the river.

The event is open to single and double seat canoes/kayaks. The event is open to all types of kayak.

Buoyancy vests must be worn by all participants. Minimum age for entry is 18 years old.