22 km ShortChallenge 2018


Vi kommer fortsätta med att erbjuda möjligheten att testa Klarälven med en kortare sträcka.

Starten kommer att utgå från Alevi ( stopp 3 ) kl 12.00 för att efter 22 km senare gå i mål i Byn Ekshärad.
Denna möjlighet vill vi erbjuda för att stimulera flera till att paddla på Klarälven.

Klassen anses som motionsklass där samtliga i mål kommer att få en medalj och som övriga ha möjligheten att kunna få en vinst från prisbordet. Startnummer likställs med en lott och man kan vinna på detta nr. Enda kravet för detta är att man fullföljer loppet. I övrigt gäller allmänna villkor

Relay 1th September 2018

New for this year (2015) we are including a Team Relay, splitting the race distance into 4 sections = 4 or 8 team members.
Change over points will be at the checkpoints for the full distance race. Start Point at Vildmark Värmland, Branäs 08.00, 5th september 2015

Classes are:
K1 - Single kayak
K2 - Double kayak
C2 - Double canoe

Teams can be made up of any combination of men, ladies or mixed. All competitors who complete the distance will receive a medal and there are prizes for the leading teams. Max 20 Relay Teams.
The team must be use the same canoe or kayak for the whole distance and team members are responsible for transporting themeselves to the start and between each section. Please mail us if you want to register a Relay team.

Section1   Branäs till Munkebol   (approx 29 km )

Section 2   Munkebol till Klarälvens Camping  (approx 13 km )

Section 3   Klarälvens Camping till Alevi Camping (approx 20 km )

Section 4   Alevi Camping till Byns camping (approx 22 km )

All competitiors must wear life vests and the minimum age is 15 years


To register , select a team leader to register your information and select the class, then you have to send us an E-mail to info@klaralvdalenchallenge.com  with name , email and age for other participant.

84 km Challenge September 1, 2018

The race starts a little bit upstream from the bridge in Branäs and take the downstream Klarvälven to finish in Ekshärad, Byns camping. At normal water level, the river flows by about 2-2.5 km / hour. The race begins with a mass start. Maximum  100 canoes / kayaks.

There will be three obligatory stops where each paddler must check in about 50-100 m from the water.
There will also be access to toilets, water and refreshments including drinks, fruit etc. Before each stop will be a sign 500m before on the side you should stop. There are also a cut-off times, you have to be on the water again before the stop time is reached. The competition judge's decision at that location is final.

Stop 1 = Munkebol (left side of the river) cut off 11:45

Stop 2 = Klarälvens Camping (left) cut off 13:30

Stop 3 = Alevi Camping (right) cut off 16:30

If you decide to pull out of the event it must be notified at a checkpoint.

The competition is open to single and double canoes / kayaks. The competition is open to all types of kayaks.

Life jackets are mandatory for all participants.
Minimum age to participate is 17 years.


Please register using the registration tab, select the class and fill in all information under the heading. Under "other information" any special dietary needs can be added. If entering a double class, click include another participant, then complet additional fields.

General Information

Entry Conditions:

Your registration is binding

No substitutions are  allow
All participation is at your own risk
The paid fee is not refundable

Changes before August 27 are cost free, afterAugust 27 a charge of 100 Skr is made.

All recorded data is stored for the start and result lists, but is not available for use by other parties.